Adobe Security Patcher for Adobe Creative Suite 2

This update addresses and resolves a security vulnerability that has been detected in Adobe® Creative Suite 2, Adobe Photoshop® CS2, and Adobe Illustrator® CS2 software. See the security advisory for more information.

File Information

Product Creative Suite Design Standard
Version 2.0
Platform Windows
File Name AdobeSecurityPatcher.exe
File Size 10.9MB
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System requirements

Refer to the current system requirements for Adobe Creative Suite 2.

Installation Instructions

After downloading a ".exe" file in Windows, double-click on the ".exe" file to access the file's contents.

Need help with downloading? See our Downloading Help documents.

Please follow the instructions below for running the Adobe Security Patcher.

Before you begin:

Close all Adobe applications before installing the patcher. You must be authenticated as an administrator on your local machine to run this utility.

1. Download the AdobeSecurityPatcher.exe file to the Windows® desktop.
2. Once the download is complete, navigate to the Windows desktop and double-click the Adobe Security Patcher.
3. The Adobe Security Patcher will display a security warning.
4. Click Run (Note: This dialog box confirms that the file was digitally signed by Adobe Systems. It is safe to click the Run button.)
5. Once the Adobe Security Patcher is completed, it will display a log file of the results.
6. Review the log file for any errors. Contact your system administrator or Adobe Technical Support if you have additional questions.