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Visual Communicator 1.7.1415.0 Update (39.0 MB)

This version 1.7.1415.0 update contains many new features, feature improvements, and bug fixes, and brings all Adobe® Visual Communicator® 1.x software users up to the latest version. Users of VC Studio may have already received some of these improvements in earlier updates, and improvements to VC Studio or VC Pro specific features will only be available to users of those versions.
NOTE: A few users of older versions of Visual Communicator that had older system requirements may find that Visual Communicator will no longer run after applying this update. This will most likely be caused by a computer that is running an outdated version of Microsoft's DirectX library. To get the latest version of this library (this 1.7.1415.0 update requires at least DirectX version 9.0b), you can either use the Windows Update feature available via your computer?s Start Menu, or you can point your Internet browser to:
Updating DirectX should solve any problems. If it does not, contact Technical Support for further assistance.

  • Improvement ? Updated the activation to be more forgiving in some hardware configurations.

  • Fixed ? Using the same title multiple times would not allow text of those titles to be modified independently.

  • New feature - Audio microphone throughput to speaker functionality exposed on Audio Setup tab, for full screen output usage.

  • New feature - Sources previewed from the content folders can be left on screen when loading shows, or editing in general. This is useful for Full Screen Output. Select "Manually Stop Preview Sources" on the application settings dialog to enable this feature. If the file is a video, it will now automatically loop.

  • New feature - DV camera input resolution can be set to full 720x480, which is useful for improving the quality of Full Screen Output. Unselect new performance setting "Use Half-Resolution in Preview Window for DV Cameras" to enable full resolution input.

  • New feature - The Publisher and Live Streaming can now output Real 10.

  • Improvement ? Better audio performance for sound chipsets with inaccurate oscillators, such as certain AC97 chipsets found on Toshiba laptops.

  • Improvement - Setting project tab home now establishes a new default project location (where projects are created, loaded, and saved). Doing a "Save As..." also sets the project home to the chosen location.

  • Improvement - When upgrading from Visual Communicator Pro 1.5.X to Pro 1.7.X or Studio 1.7.X, a shortcut to the old projects directory is placed in the user's "My Projects" view. This allows access to old shows created with Pro 1.5.X.

  • Improvement - HTM and HTML files now can be opened in an external browser from the media libraries.

  • Improvement - Non-administrator users are now able to run VC without issues.

  • Improvement - Web Publishing now accepts relative paths for content in such a way that you can review your movie locally without first downloading it on your web server.

  • Improvement - The Chapter Indexes are now fully functional using Netscape with a Windows Media video.

  • Improvement - After publishing is successful, the Publisher does not need to rerender the video when publishing again to a different type, such as in an Email or Embedded Web page.

  • Improvement - Removed insert action menu item.

  • Fixed - Corruption of first tray or other trays in a project.

  • Fixed - Audio handling cleaned up to remove echoing effect.

  • Fixed - Corrected action tray rendering issues for known problematic video cards.

  • Fixed - When the user pauses a running show (either on the director tab by pressing "Pause" or via the "Pause Teleprompter Effect"), hitting the "Stop" button on the Director tab will cause the Pause button to reset.

  • Fixed - Crash if you close VC or re-enter publishing before camera refreshes, after exiting the publisher beforehand.

  • Fixed - KeyBkgd effect camera assignment would get lost when content was assigned to the tray.

  • Fixed - Manually Stop Preview Sources could leave audio repeating.

  • Fixed - Advanced V-Screen window does not show settings of currently selected V-Screen when the active input is changed with the dialog open.

  • Fixed - Previewing a title graphic sometimes leaves the old graphic in the show after the title is edited.

  • Fixed - Microphone audio missing from published output file, even though the show reviews correctly.

  • Fixed - Sometimes a clip's audio gets out of sync with its video in the published output file.

  • Fixed - Microphone audio pass-through & streaming sometimes goes mute after Live Streaming settings dialog and Performance dialog is accessed.

  • Fixed - Audio sync problem with two-pass publishing.

  • Fixed - Clearing all the actions would not always refresh the teleprompter window.

  • Fixed - We now always enable XP theme that StarDock uses. This fixed the tooltips and some other dialogs such as the Copy Dialog (appears when many files are copied to a bin folder).

  • Fixed - Publishing web pages for UNIX® servers (such as Linux®) would at times look like some content was missing. We now ensure that all the filenames are created in lowercase.

  • Fixed - Two problems in selecting different options in the Web Links action window were fixed (selections would not always stick, and the Parameter edit box & Target selection box would at times stay disabled).

  • Fixed - Sometimes a custom title graphic (PG) file locks up VC.

  • Fixed - The "Custom Compression Settings" dialog for RealMedia wouldn't show the proper selection for the audio and video codecs.

  • Fixed - The backgrounds will now properly appear in Netscape & Mozilla.

  • Fixed - The "Web Links (smaller video on the top)" pages are now properly centered.

  • Fixed - Publishing with the mode "No Web Links (larger video without markers)" and a "Target Browser Resolution" of 1,024x768 would generate too small a video area (512x384 instead of the intended 640x480).

  • Fixed - "Pause Camera When Offscreen" flag on Advanced dialog of Video Setup tab stopped functioning, so camera frame rates on Windows 2000 systems stopped running smoothly.

  • Fixed - When republishing a show with all choices except to a hard drive and changing the custom profile settings, the output video would not be re-rendered.

  • Fixed - The Publisher would not rerender the output video when republishing a show, after rerecording the show or if in the Publisher you customized the profile settings.

  • Fixed - The "Pass-Thru To Speakers" audio setting is not checked when enabling Live Streaming and it would become enabled after selecting different audio inputs. Pass-Thru now stays disabled and checked whenever Live Streaming is enabled.

  • Fixed - Publishing to a Web Page must happen twice before the NoRender flag can work.

  • Fixed - The Real Custom Profile was updated to the Real 10 Version and didn't get copied from Bin\NewUserProfiles.

  • Fixed - The Clip Attributes were not being written into the Published Windows Media (wmv) video in some cases.

File Information

Product Visual Communicator
Version 1.70.1415
Platform Windows
File Name vcbin_171415.exe
File Size 38.8MB
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System requirements

  • Microsoft® Windows® 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, or XP

  • Intel® Pentium® III processor or equivalent

  • 128MB of RAM

  • 16MB AGP graphics card with 3D accleration

  • Webcam or camcorder

Installation Instructions

After downloading a ".exe" file in Windows, double-click on the ".exe" file to access the file's contents.

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Visual Communicator 1.7.1415.0 Update (39.0 MB)