Visual Communicator 2

Visual Communicator 2 Version 2.5.1679.0 Free Update (42.4 MB)


This update includes a new method of recording audio input to help eliminate synchronization problems. Due to this new method of timing, previously recorded shows cannot be published until they are re-recorded. If you need to re-publish a show that was recorded with a previous version of Visual Communicator, press the ?Clear Recordings? button on the ?Project? tab before re-recording.

This update contains many bug fixes, and new features.

  • New Feature - Publishing to Vlog -- This feature allows the functionality to publish your video to our 3rd party hosting provider Playstream and easily integrate with your favorite blog site such as TypePad, Blogger, MySpace, WordPress and many others!

  • New Feature - Publishing to Flash - Save videos to your local hard drive in Flash FLV or SWF format.

  • New Feature - Screen Grab - You can now do screen grabs of whatever is in the preview window. Just press CTRL+BACKSPACE and this folder will be created:
    "My Documents\Visual Communicator\My Output\My Screen Grabs\SHOW_NAME"
    ...where SHOW_NAME is the name of your current show. All screen grabs will be in JPG format at the resolution of your preview window. The default setting for your preview window is 320x240 which will be your default resolution for a screen grab. Press CTRL+F (PERFORMANCE SETTINGS in the SETTINGS menu) and go into to CUSTOM and click ENABLE HI-RES PREVIEW for a 640x480 JPG image. The files will be sequentially numbered and called "GrabN.jpg" (N = grab number).

  • Improvement - Alternate audio input options - You now have the option (on cards that support it) to record audio using an improved and more accurate method. This option is selectable in the Setup/Audio tab, and should help eliminate problems that some users were experiencing with audio drift or some sync issues. If you are not having sync problems you can continue to use the "more compatible" method.

  • Improvement - Alternate camera handling options - You now have the option to never pause, or stop the camera. This helps with some camera compatibility where camera's would either not display or "lock up" with a static image. The problem would occur if the camera driver did not handle being put in a pause or stop mode, this setting is to compensate for that. Please note that this will increase the CPU usage on your machine depending on the camera used, and possibly raise the minimum requirements when using this option, since camera will be running all the time.

  • Improvement - Improved camera support - Some cameras were outputting bad timings, and would cause VC to never get a good frame. It will now ignore timing from a camera if recieving 5 seconds of frames with bad timing.

  • Fixed - Audio could be out of sync on Review (but would be fine after publishing).

  • Fixed - Crash when previewing an effect, while another is active - This bug occured mostly when a OTS effect was being previewed, and double clicking on an effect to preview it.

  • Fixed - Lockup when canceling a publish - Sometimes a lockup would occur when trying to cancel a publish, and would require you to end task and restart VC.

  • Fixed ? Many activation issues have been resolved.

  • Many other minor bug fixes.

File Information

Product Visual Communicator 2
Version 2.5.1679
Platform Windows
File Name vc2_5_patch6.exe
File Size 41.4MB
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System requirements

  • Windows 2000 or XP

  • 933 MHz or faster processor speed, Intel® Pentium® III processor or equivalent, Intel® Pentium® 4 processor or equivalent,Intel® Celeron® 2 processor or equivalent, AMD® Athlon® or Athlon XP® processor or equivalent, AMD® Duron® processor or equivalent

  • 256 MB RAM

  • CD-ROM drive

  • Available hard drive space: WEB 500 MB - PRO 1.2 GB - STUDIO 2.1 GB

  • Standard PC audio card with microphone

  • 16MB AGP graphics card with 3D acceleration
    (Note: Laptop owners should verify that they have 3D accelerated graphics hardware such as a GeForce, Radeon or Intel 830 chip)

  • Webcams require standard DirectShow-compatible Windows driver (usually included with webcam)

  • Camcorders require compatible video input on PC

For high resolution input: PRO/STUDIO

  • A DV camcorder or other high resolution DV input device

Requirements for Live Streaming: STUDIO

  • Intel® Pentium® 4 processor at 2.4 GHz or higher

  • NVIDIA GeForce or ATI Radeon based AGP video card

  • USB webcams are not supported for live streaming. Use DV or analog video capture cards

Requirements for Full Screen Output: STUDIO

  • Dual head video card

Installation Instructions

After downloading a ".exe" file in Windows, double-click on the ".exe" file to access the file's contents.

Need help with downloading? See our Downloading Help documents.

Uses Standard Inputs

Visual Communicator 2 is compatible with standard PCs and virtually any standard webcam or camcorder connected to a PC.

* Webcams
* Camcorders*
* VCRs*
* PC Microphone

*(Requires compatible video input on your PC)
Imports Common Files

To use your own media simply drag-and-drop to import standard graphic, audio and video files into Visual Communicator 2, such as digital camera pictures, PowerPoint slides, captured video from camcorders and images downloaded from the Internet.

* Video Files (AVI, WMV, ASF, MPG)
* Pictures and Graphics (BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG)
* PowerPoint Slides
(Only Pro and Studio versions support .ppt files. PowerPoint must be installed.)
* Audio and Music (WAV, MP3, WMA)

Outputs Standard Video Files

The files Visual Communicator 2 creates can be shared with anyone in the world via Email, websites, company networks, Video CDs* and more (AVI, WMV, RealVideo 9). They can be viewed by anyone using the RealOne® Player or the standard Windows Media Player® that's included with Microsoft Windows and freely available to Macintosh users.

The Visual Communicator 2 Pro and Studio versions also output video files in high resolution DV formats for DVD, video tape, projector presentations or sharing across a network.

Visual Communicator 2 also includes a step-by-step Broadcast Wizard to automatically compress videos for viewers with any speed of Internet connection - from dial-up modems to broadband networks.

For more technical information please refer to our FAQ.

For help with compatible devices email or click here and select Compatibility Charts.

*Visual Communicator 2 has been tested and known to work with the English version of the Windows operating systems. Although users have reported success with various other languages, compatibility has not been tested by Serious Magic and thus cannot be guaranteed.