DV Rack 2.0 SD

Free Update for DV Rack SD to Version 2.1.1571.0 (11.7MB)

This update is recommended for all users. It contains the following change and program fixes:

Changed: Keyboard shortcuts for Vertical and Horizontal Flip, from CTRL+V & CTRL+H to ALT+SHIFT+V and ALT+SHIFT+H. This change was made to free up CTRL+V for its conventional assignment to the Paste function. (Note: You can customize these and most other accelerator keys by editing the Keyboard Shortcuts.txt file, which you?ll find in C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Application Data\Serious Magic\DV Rack version.)

Changed: HDD Space Display and HDD Record Stop values were inaccurate with some video streams, so these values have been changed from minutes to megabytes.

Fixed: On some computers with more than 1GB of RAM, DV Rack would stop updating the video after 30 seconds.

Fixed: Crash on opening a Field Monitor when the DV Rack window was sitting entirely on the second display.

Fixed: Clips recorded at 24PA had some interlaced frames.

Fixed: The Spectra 60 was sampling a point four pixels to the right of the tip of the mouse pointer.

Fixed: With the image flipped, the Spectra 60 would not work.

Fixed: Several entries in the Field Monitor Menu operated on a higher resolution than was displayed, so the arrow buttons appeared not to be working.

Fixed: When recording was paused, the Play button did not blink.

NOTE re: TIME LAPSE AND STOP MOTION RECORDING AND PAUSING/RESUMING RECORDING: These features are not supported with any 24P video.

File Information

Product DV Rack 2.0
Version 2.1.1571
Platform Windows
File Name dvrack20sdpatch1.exe
File Size 11.5MB
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System requirements

• Microsoft® Windows® XP or 2000
• 1.6GHz single core processor or faster
• 1.4GHz dual core processor or faster
• Intel and AMD compatible
• 256MB RAM
• CD-ROM drive for Installation
• OHCI compliant IEEE 1394 adapter
• Hard-drive space: 35MB for Installation
• 13GB per hour for recording
• 32MB AGP or PCI Express graphics card with Direct3D acceleration required (ATI Radeon or nVidia GeForce class recommended)
• Ethernet card or IDE/ATA hard drive required for product activation
• Hard-drive speed: 4,200 RPM or faster

Installation Instructions

After downloading a ".exe" file in Windows, double-click on the ".exe" file to access the file's contents.

Need help with downloading? See our Downloading Help documents.

Free Update for DV Rack SD to Version 2.1.1571.0 (11.7MB)