DV Rack HDV PowerPak

DV Rack Version 1.2.1490.0 Free Update (10.7 MB)

IMPORTANT NOTE: This update will replace the keyboard shortcuts file for each user on this computer. This is necessary in order to add new zoom-related shortcuts detailed below. If you have customized any shortcuts, you may want to make a copy of the file before proceeding. After updating, merge your custom shortcuts into the new file, making sure that your custom shortcuts do not conflict with the new commands.
The version contains the following bug fixes, new features, and feature improvements.

  • New Feature: 1:1 Zoom: A new shortcut, CTRL+Z, has been added to zoom in so that the Field Monitor is line-accurate. That is, each line in the Field Monitor corresponds to one line of video. This provides the ideal zoom for critical focus. [For the absolute best image for critical focus purposes, set Visible Lines to All and make sure the Monitor Aspect is correct (1.333 for 4:3, 1.778 for 16:9). With HDV, also set MPEG Resolution to Full.] Other new keyboard shortcuts related to zoom control:

    • Zoom In: SHIFT+Z

    • Zoom Out: CTRL+SHIFT+Z

  • New Feature: Display All Lines: DV Rack originally displayed only one field of interlaced DV. This update adds the option of showing both fields. The ?Visible Lines? setting in the Field Monitor Menu controls this option. (This feature is new only to DV Rack; it was already included in the HDV PowerPak.)

  • NOTE: While displaying both fields improves resolution of static shots, which can help when focusing, it produces interlacing artifacts when there?s motion because computer displays are progressive, not interlaced.

  • New Feature: Flip Mode: Allows the image in the Field Monitor (and the signal in Waveform Monitor) to be flipped horizontally, vertically, or in both dimensions (known as the ?M2 Mode?). The ?Flip Mode? setting in the Field Monitor menu controls this option.

  • Feature Enhancement: Timecode support has been extended to QuickTime and AVI Type 1 formats. Timecode for QuickTime clips is compatible with Final Cut Pro and Avid, but not all other NLEs properly read the timecode for QuickTime clips. Timecode is not supported for HDV clips because HDV cameras do not transmit timecode via FireWire, so DV Rack does not have access to that data.

  • Fixed: Occasional crashes on stopping recording clips longer than 1 hour.

File Information

Product DV Rack
Version 1.2.1491
Platform Windows
File Name hdvrackpatch01.exe
File Size 3.5MB
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System requirements

  • Windows XP or 2000

  • 1.4 GHz Intel Pentium 4 or equivalent or

    Intel Celeron 2 processor or equivalent or

    AMD Athlon XP

  • 256 MB RAM

  • 16 MB AGP graphics card with 3D acceleration

  • OHCI compliant IEEE 1394 host adapter

Installation Instructions

After downloading a ".exe" file in Windows, double-click on the ".exe" file to access the file's contents.

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DV Rack Version 1.2.1490.0 Free Update (10.7 MB)