Premiere Elements 10 Mac Installer Fix

This update fixes the issue wherein the Mac Installer for Premiere Elements 10 does not install the application successfully

File Information

Product Premiere Elements
Version 10.0
Platform Macintosh
File Name Premiere_Elements_10_Installer_Fix.dmg
File Size 212.4MB
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System requirements

Installation Instructions

1. Open the PRE10 installer window from the installation DVD but don't begin the installation, just leave the window open
2. Download the update file "Premiere Elements 10 Installer Fix.dmg" on your Mac desktop
3. Double click the DMG file to mount this and open it in the folder view
4. Double Click on the "Premiere Elements 10 Installer" to start the process for the fix to be applied
5. Follow the instructions/steps as suggested by the App.

For detailed steps with screen shots of the process go to:
Updated installation instructions | Premiere Elements 10 | Mac OS