Adobe Update Manager 4.0.3 update

The Adobe® Update Manager 4.0.3 update supports multiple volumes and resolves a problem where an update to Adobe Update Manager was downloaded and installed, and subsequently Adobe Update Manager would quit rather than download additional updates. After downloading and applying this 4.0.3 update, Adobe Update Manager will again offer appropriate product updates when you choose Help > Updates.

File Information

Product Creative Suite
Version All
Platform Macintosh
File Name AdobeUpdater403.dmg
File Size 1.6MB
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System requirements

The Adobe Update Manager 4.0.3 update requires that Adobe Creative Suite 2 software or an Adobe Creative Suite 2 level product such as Adobe Photoshop® CS2 software is installed on your system.

Installation Instructions

You can update to version 4.0.3 in one of two ways:

Update automatically using the update manager:
1. Choose Help > Check for updates.
2. Select all updates and click the update button at the bottom left corner of the update manager screen.

Update manually by downloading and installing the update:
1. Click the Download button on this page.
2. After the file finishes downloading to your hard drive, double-click the DMG file.