Creative Suite 2 Workflow Automation Scripts Update - All Languages

This is an update to the Workflow Automation Scripts that shipped with Creative Suite 2.

File Information

Product Creative Suite Production Premium
Version CS2
Platform Macintosh
File Name CS_2_WAS_Update.dmg
File Size 92KB
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System requirements

Same system requirements as Creative Suite.

Installation Instructions

To install:

  1. Exit all Creative Suite 2 applications
  2. Open the Finder
  3. Navigate to /Library/Application Support/Adobe/StartupScripts
  4. Place the following files into the StartupScripts folder:
    • AdobeLibrary1.jsx
    • AdobeLibrary2.jsx
    • AdobeScriptManager.jsx

  5. Navigate to /Library/Application Support/Adobe/StartupScripts/Workflow Automation Scripts/
    • The Workflow Automation Scripts folder is a child of the StartupScripts folder. If you do not have such a folder, you must create one.

  6. Place the following files into the Workflow Automation Scripts folder:
    • ContactSheet_ID.jsx
    • ExportToFlash_AI.jsx