Adobe FrameMaker 8p266 update for UNIX - English, French, and German

This download updates the English, French, and German language versions of Adobe® FrameMaker® 8p236 software (released in July 2007) to version 8p266.

The FrameMaker 8p266 patch for UNIX® includes the following corrections:

? Fixes related to Tagged PDF; sidehead issue in 3D/Adobe Flash®
? Fixes related to DITA
? FrameMaker not being able to read or insert conref

For a more detailed list of resolved and known issues, see the ReadMe file installed with the update in the FrameMaker program directory.

File Information

Product FrameMaker
Version 8.0.1
Platform Unix
File Name Frame_Patcher_8_p266.tar
File Size 396.3MB
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System requirements

Sun™ SPARCstation®
Solaris™ 8, 9, or 10
512MB of RAM
256-512MB of swap space
1GB-1.2GB of available hard-disk space
X Window System™ X11R6
CD-ROM drive

Installation Instructions

To install the FrameMaker 8p266 update:

1. Quit FrameMaker.
2. After downloading the TAR file on a UNIX system, use the following command to decompress the file:

tar -xvf Frame_Patcher_8_p266.tar

3. Start the installation by executing the script.
4. Follow the onscreen instructions.

To verify that the update is installed successfully:

1. Start FrameMaker.
2. Select Info from the FrameMaker program window. The line "8p266" should appear in the FrameMaker Information dialog box.

Additional notes

It is not possible to uninstall the patch for FrameMaker on the Solaris platform. To revert to the earlier version, do a complete uninstall of FrameMaker 8 and then reinstall the earlier version of FrameMaker from your CD image.