Adobe Photoshop CS4 Optional plug-ins and ReadMe
English, French and Spanish

NOTE: If you are looking for the Photoshop CS5 Optional plug-ins, they will be posted soon. Do not use the Adobe Photoshop CS4 optional plug-ins in Photoshop CS5.

There are some plug-ins and presets that have been removed in Photoshop CS4. If you wish to use these plug-ins and presets still you can find them in your Goodies folder on your DVD install disc.

This download includes 32-bit and 64-bit plug-ins for Photoshop CS4 English, Spanish and French versions. The following plug-ins and associated files are included in this package:

• Bigger Tiles
• Picture Package (ContactSheetII)
• ExtractPlus
• PatternMaker
• PhotomergeUI
• Web Photo Gallery (WebContactSheetII) plus presets
• script for Layer Comps to Web Photo Gallery
• Texture presets for Texturizer

Also included is the Optional Plug-Ins ReadMe.

File Information

Product Photoshop
Version CS4
Platform Windows
File Name
File Size 5.8MB
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System requirements

See the system requirements for Adobe Creative Suite 4 software or Photoshop CS4 and Photoshop CS4 Extended.

Installation Instructions

After downloading a ".zip" file, use the operating system or a utility such as WinZip or PKZIP to access the file's contents.

Need help with downloading? See our Downloading Help documents.

Detailed descriptions and install instructions are explained in the OptionalPluginsReadMe.pdf that is also included in this download.