Bridge for Windows

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Version CS6
Name Size Date
Adobe Bridge CS6 Update (32-bit) 46.1MB 9/27/2012
Adobe Bridge CS6 Update (64-bit) 62.6MB 9/27/2012
Adobe Bridge CS6 5.0.2 Update (64-bit) 64.2MB 1/15/2013
Adobe Bridge CS6 5.0.2 Update (32-bit) 47.1MB 1/15/2013
Version CS5
Adobe Bridge CS5 4.0.3 Update 28.1MB 8/19/2010
Adobe Bridge CS5 4.0.5 Update 28.2MB 6/27/2011
Adobe Bridge CS5 4.0.2 Update 8.6MB 6/2/2010
Adobe Bridge CS5 4.0.4 Update 28.3MB 11/29/2010
Version CS4
Adobe Output Module update for Adobe Bridge CS4 1.2MB 11/25/2008
Version CS3
Adobe Bridge CS3 2.1 update 25.8MB 5/31/2007
Adobe Bridge Start Meeting 1.0.1 update 22.1MB 2/27/2008
Adobe Bridge CS3 2.1.1 update 26.0MB 11/15/2007
Version CS2
Adobe Bridge 1.0.4 update 8.7MB 6/6/2006
Adobe Bridge 1.0.3 update 33.8MB 4/11/2007
Version 6.0.1
Adobe Bridge CC 6.0.1 Update (32-bit) 54.5MB 7/30/2013
Adobe Bridge CC 6.0.1 Update (64-bit) 67.1MB 7/30/2013