Premiere for Macintosh

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Version 6.5
Name Size Date
Mac Capture update - English 153KB 12/5/2002
Mac Capture update - German 154KB 12/5/2002
Mac Capture update - French 154KB 12/5/2002
Mac Capture update - Japanese 154KB 12/5/2002
Version 6.01
Premiere 6.01 Update - German 541KB 7/31/2001
Premiere 6.01 Update - French 541KB 7/31/2001
Premiere 6.01 Update - Japanese 482KB 7/31/2001
Premiere 6.01 Update - English 615KB 7/31/2001
Version 5.1c
FireWire DV Device Control 1.3 Plug-in for OS 9, G4, and DV-ready iMacs 61KB 3/31/2000
Adobe Premiere 5.1c Update for Mac OS 2.3MB 10/15/1999
Version 4.2
Movie Capture Module 4.2.2 for Macintosh 61KB 7/3/1996
Video SpiceRack Samples 790KB 4/29/1997
TIFF Plug-ins for Premiere 4.2 20KB 4/1/1997
Premiere MP Plug-in 1.0.1 113KB 1/24/1997
Premiere 4.2 to 4.2.1 Updater 141KB 1/22/1996

Developer tools

Name Size Date
Adobe Premiere Plug-in Software Development Kit (SDK)